How to get ideas for writing?

I have faced a lot of times in my life where I sit in front of the laptop for hours clueless about what to write. Sometimes even feel like hitting my head on the wall with the hope if some ideas can pop out of my head.

There have been times when I have the pressure to publish an article and I am struggling to even start. I know this happens with you as well. It happens with all the writers so this is natural. Trust me everything has a solution.

I have tried some hacks on myself and it worked for me.

These are some hacks you can try:

Use A Random Image

Using Image helps you come up with some creative ideas. An image speaks a thousand words. It has no boundaries, it gives your imagination a higher boost.

There are a lot of sites which has a collection of a lot of beautiful images related to all categories. Pick anyone and start writing.

Take a Shower

Trust me don’t laugh, but this works. Before writing this article I was out of idea for my blog. The Frustration level was rising, I took a cold shower. And here I am writing this article. I hope you are finding this article useful.

Cold Shower calms your mind and helps you think better.

Write Anything

After a few deep breadths start writing anything. Don’t follow any structure just keep on writing, whatever comes to mind. This has helped me come up with some of the best ideas.

Read More

One of the reasons to face writer’s block is that you are not reading enough. When you stop learning you get less inspiration to write. The more you read better is your flow of writing and ideas are flooded into your brain.

These are some of the hacks that have helped me. How do you manage?