Is there anything as of “right” or “wrong”?

Looking at the above picture some of you will say the glass is half empty and some of you will say the glass is half full. So who do you think is right?

Everything boils down to what is your perception. How do you see things? To some of you, the candle in the right seems taller than the other. But according to me the right one is less burned.

Can you see there are so many perceptions in a single picture?

We often try to mix two different things which are belief and Truth. Truth is a statement that will still remain valid even though the entire planet gets destroyed. For eg. the Law of Gravity.

There is no argument about it, Law is definite it cant change. Well, this is not in the case of belief.

What is belief?

Something which has no existence, its an illusion.

Let’s take some examples about some beliefs we have in common:

  • The word “fuck off “ is a bad word.
  • Being rich makes you successful.
  • Stars are tiny
  • Marriage makes a relationship successful.

The above examples cant be stated as true. They are our belief we have created on the basis of our observations and experiences.

Do you know whats the drawback of being creative, it gives you the freedom to give your opinion on a matter which mostly has no truth to it?

Since everything has two sides, this is the bad side. Well, I don’t know how to conclude this.

You have read this far in search of truth, but even I am unaware of the truth. I leave the comments open for you.

Can you share your thoughts?