Storytelling Can Change Your Game

“It is the Stories that make Humans Closer”

We all Humans are living a story, it started from The Big Bang theory to the current pandemic we are suffering and many are left to be unfolded. Why do we underestimate our own life when we all have something unique to share with the world.

We underestimate our own lives, but the fact is that we all have stories hidden in us. Its there in all of us, from a successful man who is still struggling with self-belief issues, to the wife who drops her dream to see her husband succeed, from a handicap who aspired to be a runner, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west without procrastinating, the aspirations of a child to reach beyond clouds, to the beggars who dreams the life that we are already living.

Stories are everywhere, you need the eye to observe them. Storytelling is an important skill if you can master it, you can avail of a lot of benefits.

Here are few benefits of Storytelling:

Storytelling is your resume

We all have the qualification for a job but what differentiates us is how we share our stories.

The vision you have and how you align your vision with companies’ vision determine how effective your resume looks. Your vision is your story so make it worth listening, to help your recruiters understand why you are the right fit.

Stories sell

If you are a business owner and trying to sell your product people won’t buy because there are already many in the market. Don’t sell food. Sell the feeling they get after the first bite they have. Don’t sell Clothes. Sell the vibe one can bring after putting it over. Don’t sell travel packages. Sell the experience and opportunities to make memories. Don’t sell Bed. Sell the comfort it brings when you relax after a tiring day.

People don’t care about the product, they care about the experiences they will get on using that product. This is the reason why businesses try to share stories in the advertisement because it makes you feel a part of the product which in the future invokes you to buy the product.

Transparency Attract Humans

The reason why people connect with more influencers on social media than celebrities is that they show their genuine selves. They are more authentic. They show their real life through Vlogs. Not everyone has the audacity to show their real self, they share their failures, their insecurities, success, bad incidents that make them authentic. Stories give us the freedom to show our real selves and attract the right people. build a genuine tribe in social media.

Enhances your personal brand

We build a personal brand to create an image in front of people to promote ourselves. Your personal brand is the unique mixture of your expertise, experience, and personality that you show to the world. It is through your stories people get inspired from, hooks your readers, and makes them curious to know more about you. Stories have the power to build a genuine tribe in social media.

I hope these benefits motivate you to learn the art of storytelling, so start it today. Write your story today share it on social media and see how many people connect with you. What’s your story?